Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vaseline Queen Bee

On tuesday myself and Kassia where kindly invited to the beautiful HamYard hotel just of piccadilly circus for the launch of the new limited edition lip therapy vaseline, housed in a beautiful little black and gold striped tin the vaseline is honey scented and delicious.

The actual room where the event was held was also amazing, honey combs lined the walls, there was little black and gold accents everywhere and even the cushions where bee themed!

The staff where also some of the friendliest I've come across and those espresso martinis weren't shabby either...

As always with a room full of bloggers there is the best fashion and personal style and this lovely lady is no exception, just check the necklace... amazing. 

The Chanel bag...

Gemma's blog

Who was I kidding on the thrown, she was the Queen Bee and thoroughly deserved that crown!

Its a lovely twist on a old classic and would make a Bee line for it asap!
(pun very much intended)

P x