Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Style Memories: London

I took these photos when I had first moved to London around October time, myself and a friend took a trip to Kensington Gardens and thought it would be fun to take some snaps. It was a classic autumnal day, the air was crisp and clear and it wasn't cold enough for bare legs (huraaah!).
My dress is one I've owned for a while, I got it on sale in Topshop about 2 years ago and paired it with a cropped jumper from H&M and an oversized black coat from Zara.
My mum has engrained colour in me from a young age so I couldn't go all out monochrome, I love long socks peeking out so I dug out a suitable autumnal pair and my blue Fiorelli bag. Looking back I wish I had gone with a black or raspberry coloured bag to tie in with my socks!
This is generally about as formal as it gets during the day time for me as if I wear a dress in the day its usually with trainers (not ashamed).
I love this outfit as it reminds me of my first couple of months in London, a nervous first year trying to find my feet and trying to remember which tubes to get on! It also reminds me of how much I have evolved since living in the city...basically I now remember which tubes to get on.

P x