Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hey there! Welcome to Vee Voyage! This is my little slice of the internet where I will be posting little snippets of my life, be it holidays, festivals, food recommendations or fashion this blog is a melting pot of all of the above and more.
So without further ado I'm gonna jump straight into my first post (literally)

But we can all see how graceful I am at that so lets move swiftly on.
Recently a friend invited me out to Portugal for a week to stay at her villa for a bit of a chill in the sunshine so last minute I booked a flight, hopped on a plane and here I am!
For the first few days we where doing much of the same thing so I thought I would throw it all together in one beefy post. It was a few days of over indulging, laying by the pool and messing around.

My first travel companion Chloe. A dance student who loves a good o'l slice of watermelon!

Secondly Ellie. An aspiring actor who kindly invited me to her Portuguese crib. 

Lastly me , Phoebe. 

P x