Friday, August 21, 2015

English Summer

Get ready for a few beach based posts... 
I headed down to west wales recently for a couple of days. I've been going to the same place for the last 19 years and its become a second home to me and my family.
I decided I wanted to make the most of being by the sea and swim every day, so on one particularly clear evening I took the camera with me. 

I'm still using the Olympus and loving it, I played around with the different setting and even took a bit of video which came out beautifully! 

I however can not rock the wet hair look so photo's of me in the sea are generally a bit sketchy which I apologise for! 

 P x

Monday, August 10, 2015

Cornwall 2015

Having gone to Newquay for the past 3 years now so I'm well aware that a lot of it isn't really 'my bag', however the beaches are beautiful and for surfing they are some of the best. Boardmasters is a music/surf festival based down in Cornwall, so we headed down for the weekend for a chill on the beach.
I took a new waterproof camera to give it a whiz in the sea, I absolutely loved it for the ocean, a quick shutter speed made it easy to capture candid moments and it adjusts to different lighting so well as the sun glare off the water can be a pain. I will however apologise for the varying colours of the pictures, as I was swimming I must of hit some buttons and I accidentally applied the 'art filter' which essentially made the colours more vivid which is why the pictures look so jumbled!

We started the day Harbour jumping and then headed to Fistral beach for a swim in the sea as the waves weren't anything special, we headed into town for a couple of drinks and (bad) dancing to finish the weekend. The weather was beautiful and just made the day! Every time I go to the beach it makes me wish I lived closer to the sea.

P x

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Style Memories : The Classics

I dug these photo's out from the my time in NYC.
I feel as though I should apologise for the all the photo's from when I was over there but I made so many great memories I felt it would be rude not to.
My top (which I had to change due to a monstrous downpour) the black one is Brandy Melville, the white one I am unsure.
My jeans are ASOS and are hands down my most well worn jeans, the ridley highwaisted jeans.  They have lasted so well, sure they've faded a bit but the amount of worn them I am surprised they haven't fallen apart!
The coat is from Burberry, the classic black trench which got soaking WET! I felt worse about the coat getting wet than I was bothered about me.
The boots are from Russell and Bromley, they have seen me through one winter and I'm certain they'll see me though many more to come. This outfit is defiantly made up of classics that I have worn time and time again and I will certainly wear more them in times to come.
...and when the sun finally came out, obviously my sunglasses went straight on.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Style Memories: London

I took these photos when I had first moved to London around October time, myself and a friend took a trip to Kensington Gardens and thought it would be fun to take some snaps. It was a classic autumnal day, the air was crisp and clear and it wasn't cold enough for bare legs (huraaah!).
My dress is one I've owned for a while, I got it on sale in Topshop about 2 years ago and paired it with a cropped jumper from H&M and an oversized black coat from Zara.
My mum has engrained colour in me from a young age so I couldn't go all out monochrome, I love long socks peeking out so I dug out a suitable autumnal pair and my blue Fiorelli bag. Looking back I wish I had gone with a black or raspberry coloured bag to tie in with my socks!
This is generally about as formal as it gets during the day time for me as if I wear a dress in the day its usually with trainers (not ashamed).
I love this outfit as it reminds me of my first couple of months in London, a nervous first year trying to find my feet and trying to remember which tubes to get on! It also reminds me of how much I have evolved since living in the city...basically I now remember which tubes to get on.

P x

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Style Memories : Paris

 Now a trip to probably my second favourite city in the world, Paris! I am always so in love with this city every time I visit, everything is just too beautiful. I have frequented this city a fair few times now but these pictures where from my 18th birthday, my mum had whisked me away for a long weekend in the city. We fell into many sugar traps on our travels, be it Angelina's hot chocolate or the Macaroons at Laduree I alway's get so excited for the food when I'm in France. 
One of my favourite places to go is the Place de le Concorde, the green and gold fountains and lamp posts just encapsulate Paris for me (and of course remind me of The Devil Wears Prada). Every time I visit I always get a picture sat on one of the fountains.  
For this outfit I'm wearing my French connection coat, it has a slight military style to it with the gold buttons either side which I really like. I paired it with some Zara leggings and my trusty Topshop Mighty boots... RIP, you served me well. 
Im unsure where the top is from, but my scarf is from ZARA, and I'm quickly learning from looking back at these pictures is that you cannot go wrong with a scarf from Zara! 
Last but not least my RB's, I try to branch out to other brands of sunnies but I just can't!

P x