Monday, August 10, 2015

Cornwall 2015

Having gone to Newquay for the past 3 years now so I'm well aware that a lot of it isn't really 'my bag', however the beaches are beautiful and for surfing they are some of the best. Boardmasters is a music/surf festival based down in Cornwall, so we headed down for the weekend for a chill on the beach.
I took a new waterproof camera to give it a whiz in the sea, I absolutely loved it for the ocean, a quick shutter speed made it easy to capture candid moments and it adjusts to different lighting so well as the sun glare off the water can be a pain. I will however apologise for the varying colours of the pictures, as I was swimming I must of hit some buttons and I accidentally applied the 'art filter' which essentially made the colours more vivid which is why the pictures look so jumbled!

We started the day Harbour jumping and then headed to Fistral beach for a swim in the sea as the waves weren't anything special, we headed into town for a couple of drinks and (bad) dancing to finish the weekend. The weather was beautiful and just made the day! Every time I go to the beach it makes me wish I lived closer to the sea.

P x