Sunday, August 2, 2015

Style Memories : Paris

 Now a trip to probably my second favourite city in the world, Paris! I am always so in love with this city every time I visit, everything is just too beautiful. I have frequented this city a fair few times now but these pictures where from my 18th birthday, my mum had whisked me away for a long weekend in the city. We fell into many sugar traps on our travels, be it Angelina's hot chocolate or the Macaroons at Laduree I alway's get so excited for the food when I'm in France. 
One of my favourite places to go is the Place de le Concorde, the green and gold fountains and lamp posts just encapsulate Paris for me (and of course remind me of The Devil Wears Prada). Every time I visit I always get a picture sat on one of the fountains.  
For this outfit I'm wearing my French connection coat, it has a slight military style to it with the gold buttons either side which I really like. I paired it with some Zara leggings and my trusty Topshop Mighty boots... RIP, you served me well. 
Im unsure where the top is from, but my scarf is from ZARA, and I'm quickly learning from looking back at these pictures is that you cannot go wrong with a scarf from Zara! 
Last but not least my RB's, I try to branch out to other brands of sunnies but I just can't!

P x