Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Beach Bums and BBQ's

Each year when we go away one thing is a must: A Beach BBQ. 
Now my Grandparents are a bit older we have the BBQ outside the house and then retire to the beach for a fire and marshmallow roasting. 
We didn't do much with the meat this year, but M caught a corker of a Seabass so that took centre stage. We stuffed it with oranges, garlic and onion which was amazing. 
We also wrapped the mackerel we caught in foil and buried it in the centre of the beach fire to cook, another beautifully simple but unbelievably tasty dish. 
To top it all off we had the cheesecake which we made for G's birthday and marshmallows. 

^ A west country classic...

We built the fire and watched the sun go down.

P x