Thursday, July 30, 2015

Style Memories: NYC

I have taken a couple of looks from this series from my time in NYC, I defiantly felt exceptionally comfortable there. I love how the vibe changes from each neighbourhood, as you move from the grunge of the west village, to the laid back streets of soho up to the prim upper east side the city changes before your eyes.

I defiantly related to the street style of soho, it was just so simple and easy, like they had woken up and threw it on and I LOVE THAT.
As cringe as it sounds, it was a defining fashion moment for me as I realised as much as I would love to be perfectly turned out every day with a beautiful blow out and a cat eye, it's just not me (I like a lie in) well at least 360 days of the year... but Soho told me that was OK. So in true downtown style, I took these photos In Brooklyn overlooking the skyline on the most b-e-a-utifully crystal clear day.

For this outfit threw on my ripped jeans, battered well loved converse, brandy melville top (which I discovered on my first trip to NYC at 16, I thought it was only right) Topshop coat, Marc Jacobs bag and Zara scarf.

P x

Style Memories

I'll be honest, I really hate the word 'fashion'. To me it implies trend based, seasonal clothing. Now you could argue this is a huge contradiction as I am a lover of fashion, clothes, designers and all that entails, I just hate the word. But as my friends would also argue I'm never really 'on trend' or 'in fashion' but I don't see this as a slight, if anything I try to take it as a compliment and that I've cultivated my own style.
However I know this isn't truthful, it's the warm fuzzy lie that I would like to make a cold hard truth but however as a 19 year old girl Its of my personal belief I can't of cultivated my own style just yet as I simply haven't been around for long enough, I'm still playing around with shapes, colours and cuts trying to find what works.
I am exceptionally envious of those who just know exactly what works for them and have their own style engrained in them as some sort of DNA chromosome. My friend Kassia for example, I can literally go into any store and you will find me saying "that just so Kassia".  Maybe I don't see my own style because I'm, well... me?

From this odd and jumbled though process I have created 'Style Memories'.  It's a bit of an odd one, especially for me as I try to shy away from typical 'fashion' posts, as much as I love clothes there are many people out there who do it so much better than ever could, sorry I mean can, but this doesn't stop me from trying to put my own spin on it or having a good crack. I was flicking through my photo library and realised how many outfits I had put together in the past and how I now I associate them with a certain memory, time or place.

I won't lie, it is random and it is jumbled. However it's something a bit different and allows me to share some pictures I haven't before and re-visit some of my favourite posts.

Now I'm going to start right at the beginning, from where I started this blog. Portugal. Myself and 2 other girlfriends had gone away together and they both convinced me to start this so I though it was fitting.

These posts and especially this outfit is more about the memory rather the actual pieces, but I love it all the same.

Who can resist the beautiful tiled streets of Portugal?
I threw on this tee, which is Ellie's and my trusty Topshop striped high waitsters with my battered converse and ray-bans.

P x

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

L'occitane & My Little Box

L'occitane is a brand I have been a fan of for a while now, especially their Bonne Mere range which I believe is highly under rated, My Grandma actually introduced it to me last christmas with a selection of the range.
I attended the event in which they had collaborated with the french company 'My Little Box', based in Paris it's a monthly lifestyle box subscription service which is a favourite amongst bloggers for its selection of items it sends each month. I personally like that they do something different not just the standard 5 or so beauty products.
I have to say I had kind of forgotten about L'occitane until this event, but I am very glad I was reminded of its presence! It has some absolute corker's in the range, there are obviously the cult classics such as the almond shower oil but the fragrance range has some hidden gems, my friend obsesses over the fig fragrance she blogged about it here.
The event was based in the beautiful little Covent garden store, which is well worth a visit if your around that area.

P x

Monday, July 27, 2015

Flippin' ell.

Yes I do always make pancakes in heels...

This is possibly the most simple recipe ever. Its for crepes, It was a firm favourite in my house and then in my flat at uni. Im sure this is super basic to many but if your looking for a lazy Sunday morning breakfast idea then try this..

35 grams of butter
150 grams of flour
325 ml milk
1 egg

These are rough measures I generally get a bit generous and double it.
Basically, mix the flour, milk and the egg, then melt the butter and throw it in.
Heat up your frying pan or crepe pan if your snazzy like that until its piping hot, pour in the batter and tilt the pan so it covers the base, cook until little bubbles start to appear in the batter and the edge starts to go crispy then flip!

P x

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Whats Up, Glastonbury!

^ This was essentially my expression for the entire time. 

So, I went to Glasto.
After years of watching, listening and pining to go we finally got tickets.
And it didn't disappoint, We saw so much great live music, including, James Bay, Hozier, The Libertines, Pharell, Ben Howard, Lionel Richie, Charli XCX, Catfish and the Bottlemen... The list is endless.
The weather (apart from one downpour) was great, not too hot but the sun was out!
And the food was also pretty darn good!

P x