Thursday, July 30, 2015

Style Memories

I'll be honest, I really hate the word 'fashion'. To me it implies trend based, seasonal clothing. Now you could argue this is a huge contradiction as I am a lover of fashion, clothes, designers and all that entails, I just hate the word. But as my friends would also argue I'm never really 'on trend' or 'in fashion' but I don't see this as a slight, if anything I try to take it as a compliment and that I've cultivated my own style.
However I know this isn't truthful, it's the warm fuzzy lie that I would like to make a cold hard truth but however as a 19 year old girl Its of my personal belief I can't of cultivated my own style just yet as I simply haven't been around for long enough, I'm still playing around with shapes, colours and cuts trying to find what works.
I am exceptionally envious of those who just know exactly what works for them and have their own style engrained in them as some sort of DNA chromosome. My friend Kassia for example, I can literally go into any store and you will find me saying "that just so Kassia".  Maybe I don't see my own style because I'm, well... me?

From this odd and jumbled though process I have created 'Style Memories'.  It's a bit of an odd one, especially for me as I try to shy away from typical 'fashion' posts, as much as I love clothes there are many people out there who do it so much better than ever could, sorry I mean can, but this doesn't stop me from trying to put my own spin on it or having a good crack. I was flicking through my photo library and realised how many outfits I had put together in the past and how I now I associate them with a certain memory, time or place.

I won't lie, it is random and it is jumbled. However it's something a bit different and allows me to share some pictures I haven't before and re-visit some of my favourite posts.

Now I'm going to start right at the beginning, from where I started this blog. Portugal. Myself and 2 other girlfriends had gone away together and they both convinced me to start this so I though it was fitting.

These posts and especially this outfit is more about the memory rather the actual pieces, but I love it all the same.

Who can resist the beautiful tiled streets of Portugal?
I threw on this tee, which is Ellie's and my trusty Topshop striped high waitsters with my battered converse and ray-bans.

P x