Monday, August 18, 2014

Paris day 2&3

Day 2 ended here. Pretty amazing, we clambered up to the sacre coeur just before the sun started to dissapear leaving a orange glow over the city, but before all that... 

Continuing on our chocolate voyage through Parie we visited the Lindor shop where little chocolate balls wrapped in gold, red and blue lined the walls along with chocolate Eiffel towers with chefs at the back making rich hot chocolate and mini desserts. 
We then went to Laduree along the Champs Elysees for macaroons, all the shops where covered with hot pink and gold leaf macaroons for the launch of Nina Ricci's new fragrance. 

From here we went to the Moulin Rouge.

Photos aren't allowed in the 'club' so this was the only one I could sneak but yes all of these where drank...
To be honest the show was a little dissapointing, the atmosphere was amazing but I was expecting more :(

We watched the sun set on another amazing day.

The next day we kept it fairly relaxed, we visited an amazing antique market on the outskirts of Paris, which literally has everything. 

Then we went to do some more touristy stuff..

We walked all along the river to the Louvre, through the gardens and back again before heading back for tea. 
We had an extra day but unfortunately I wasn't feeling great so we did a bit of shopping and headed home. 
Thanks for an amazing trip Paris! 
See you soon.  

Other tips...

Go and watch the sunset, we went to the Sacre Coure which was amazing but extremely busy so next time we're going to hunt out a spot a bit more secluded!

Explore back streets, they're so beautiful and you never know what you may find.

Take pictures of everything, even looking back I've forgotten some things that I wish I had captured!

 P x

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paris Day 1

A while back I went to Paris for my birthday. It wasn't the first time I had been to Paris but it was defiantly the best trip I've had to the land of the baguette, I loved everything about it. But I'll start from the beginning...

Arrived at the airport saturday evening having just had my birthday a day before and I was pretty darn excited.

Fast forward a flight, a transfer and a good nights sleep I was more than ready to explore and eat. Definatly eat. 

After wandering up and down Rue de Nue gazing longingly at all the beautiful shops we decided it was chocolate time and where better then Angelina?

The hot chocolate is honestly incredible. Thick, warming and filling.
We had 2 of the desserts and of course they where chocolate! We had been warned off the food at Angelina as its not great and pretty pricey so we stuck to the sweet stuff. 
Eventually we hauled ourselved up and went to explore some more, and by explore I mean shop.

Having made a few naughty purchases we decided to visit Harry's bar which is our favourite bar in Paris. 

Not a typically 'parisian' bar but the cocktails are the best and will garuntee you leaving blurry eyed. And if you get a chance have a club sandwich, they are the best.
From here we headed back to the house to collapse.  A great first day!

My day 1 Tips.

Walk everywhere! Paris is an amazing city to walk around so make the most of it, plus it's defiantly one of the smaller city's so pick an area and explore!

Go visit Harry's bar and Angelina,  you will not regret it!

P x


One day we decided to heave ourselves off our sunbeads once the mid- day heat had died down and go for an explore around Sao Bras. Its a sleepy little town full of locals bustling around, it cut out all the touristy crap and just left a sweet rustic town with cobbled streets, tiled walls and white washed buildings. 

Clothing wise we all went for comfort with our uniforms of high waisted shorts and light tops, nothing fancy and we all ended up a bit matchy-matchy but hey great minds and all that jazz. 

Chloe is rocking some miss selfrige shorts and primark sunnies.

Im in head to toe topshop with white converse and Ray ban sunnies.

El is wearing an Urban Outfitters top and Topshop shorts.

We wandered around for a bit before heading back to the villa for a shower and a cheeky siesta. Another beautiful day, cheers portugal!

P x

Wednesday, August 13, 2014