Thursday, August 7, 2014


 ^ Don't know quite what Im doing with my hand there. 
Anyway this outfit is all about comfort, my battered old converse, RB sunnies, H&M trousers and a topshop vest.
I wore minimal makeup and my hair down, I honestly couldn't be bothered! Bad I know I know...

C went for some distressed denim shorts from new look and a white top from H&M. 
Chloe's skin is pretty amazing so she's often bare faced but what she can do with her hair is truly enviable, here she's done a half up, half done job but she can fishtail plait like no body's business! I can barly plait my hair normally...

El's skirt is from new look and her top is from Urban outfitters.
A chiffon maxi is perfect for covering up whilst staying cool, and a graphic tee makes makes the look more laid back. 

P x