Friday, August 1, 2014

Stumbling through Sao Bras

Food is a huge love of mine, especially desserts. But when we stumbled across a little resteraunt in the back streets of Sao Bras on our little explore we knew we had to return, it was a little rustic building with exposed brick work with one wall lined with wine bottles and tables dotted around. But before we get to that we clambered up on our roof terrace of the villa to enjoy the sunset before our feast!

We couldn't remain serious for long though. 

After admiring the view we started to walk down to the resteraunt stopping for a few pictures along the way. 

When we arrived we where directed to our table, a little secluded set up outside with some sofa's opposite. We took our seats and were soon presented with bread, garlic butter and some Portuguese humous. 

The girls went for starters and main, I went for main and dessert. 

To start Ellie had chicken and veg spring rolls with a garlic sweet and sour sauce, rich and tangy at the same time definatly a thumbs up. 

Chloe went for fish cakes, the verdict was a " this is soooo good " through mumbled mouthfuls. 

Wine wise, they went for white as thier main was seafood and I want for red as I plumped for the more meaty option. 

Anyway, on to the main event. 

For el, a mountain of fat shrimps with garlic dipping sauce, rice and salad. 

For me a juicy rump steak, medium rare with creamy potatoes. Sorry about the shoddy pictures the lighting was minimal and my camera kept playing up. 

C went for a seafood lasagne. 
All food was exceptional with huge portions aswell! El and chlo couldn't hack a pudding after so they went strictly liquid. 

Myself on the other hand had been eyeing up the chocolate fondant ever since I arrived, and it didnt dissapoint. 

From here we retired to the sofa's whilst E & C finished thier cocktails and I fell into a chocolate comba.
We started to make our way back to the villa admiring the rustic streets along the way. 

And from here it all just gets a little blurry... 

Ellie - Urban outfitters shorts - Topshop fedora - Topshop scalloped crop - new look sandals. 
Phoebe - Top shop shirt - Miss selfrige shorts - Primark sandals.
Chloe- Playsuit Oasis - Primark sandals.

P x