Thursday, August 6, 2015

Style Memories : The Classics

I dug these photo's out from the my time in NYC.
I feel as though I should apologise for the all the photo's from when I was over there but I made so many great memories I felt it would be rude not to.
My top (which I had to change due to a monstrous downpour) the black one is Brandy Melville, the white one I am unsure.
My jeans are ASOS and are hands down my most well worn jeans, the ridley highwaisted jeans.  They have lasted so well, sure they've faded a bit but the amount of worn them I am surprised they haven't fallen apart!
The coat is from Burberry, the classic black trench which got soaking WET! I felt worse about the coat getting wet than I was bothered about me.
The boots are from Russell and Bromley, they have seen me through one winter and I'm certain they'll see me though many more to come. This outfit is defiantly made up of classics that I have worn time and time again and I will certainly wear more them in times to come.
...and when the sun finally came out, obviously my sunglasses went straight on.