Thursday, November 13, 2014

Poppies and Breakfast

Today we visited the magnificent poppies at the Tower of London. 
The Tower walls are surrounded by thousands of ceramic red poppies, each individually hand placed into the ground with the final one being laid on the 11th of November to mark remembrance day. 

If you can get down to see them I would thoroughly recommend it, I believe they have extended the poppies until the end of November but they have already started taking them down so get down ASAP.  

It was a beautifully crisp, clear evening so we decided to wander one of my favorite cafe's: The Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club is renowned in London for its amazing food, if you can get down there for breakfast then do but if you (like myself)  tend to avoid queuing I recommend going around 5 pm.  I know its not exactly breakfast time but the food tastes awesome whatever time of day and its not just breakfast they do, they have killer burgers aswell...

I had the 'Breakfast club club sandwich' 
Chicken, bacon, avo, lettuce and melted cheese served with slaw and leaves.
This was hands down the best club sandwich I've had. 

Gabby had the 'All american breakfast'
Bacon, pancakes, poached eggs, sausages and potatoes.
Just look...

P x