Friday, October 10, 2014

St Ives #brightskin

On wednesday this babe invited me to come with her to attend a St Ives skin care event. St Ives are predominantly known for their amazing and affordable facial scrubs, but the event placed emphasis on how important it was to keep chemicals and free radicals out of your skin care regime and to only put ingredients on your face that you would put in your body such as oats and apricots. 

Julie Montagu AKA The flexi foodie did a great talk on how to maintain great skin on the inside and the outside through eating well and incorporating natural  skin care. 

We made our own avocado face masks which consisted of one part Avo, one part hunny and a teaspoon of coconut oil, super easy to re-create at home.

I also couldn't keep my eyes off this purse, It's from whistles and the lovely Ashumi had it monogrammed. Definatly an idea I want to steal until I can afford This baby, she also has a beautiful blog! 

I also met Claudia who runs a blog, a lovely lady with the most flawless skin!

The evening was rounded off with a sketch of yourself by a very talented Zarina Liew.
It was lovely to meet so many beautiful and talented women whilst learning about skin care in the process!

P x