Wednesday, October 29, 2014

London: Borough Market

Today myself and Gabby decided it would be a great idea to eat our way round London. 
Starting with crepes in Covent garden, I plumped for a classic: Nutella, white chocolate and strawberries. 

Gabs went all out with a mars bar, nutella, strawberry's, white chocolate and ginger biscuits!
I washed mine down with a passionfruit smoothie and Gabs went for strawberry and banana, a thumbs up all round for brekkie! 

Moving swiftly on we headed to Borough market, a metropolis for foodies alike.
They literally have everything. Fish? got it. Meat? You name it. Pudding? By the bucket load.

The whole place is full of the most amazing smells and colours with the stands handing out tasters of what they had to offer, It was my heaven!

We kicked things off with a couple of plump oysters before perusing the rest of the market, then actually returned to the same stand for a couple more oysters and some juicy scallops smothered in bacon and lemon juice.

The most amazing pumpkin carving!

Defiantly worth a visit!
I cant wait to return.

P x